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At Flowcrete Australia we strongly believe that businesses have the power to do good, that's why we have embraced our corporate responsibility toward our people, our local communities and our environment…

To us, sustainability is all about meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. That's why we have placed it at the heart of our business philosophy.

We are not only committed to providing innovative and sustainable flooring solutions but also to using our planet's resources responsibly throughout the manufacturing process to off-set our carbon footprint.

Product Development -

Our floors can remain in situ where other shorter life-cycle floors need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

In this way our floors avoid the uplift, removal and disposal of the worn out floor finish as well as the manufacturing process involved with producing replacement flooring or the need for a repeat installation.

End-of-life Flowcrete products can be removed as non-hazardous waste or floored over.

Waste Reduction –

We monitor all of our waste streams to ease the ever increasing burden on landfill as well as to ensure the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly route to disposal is met. 

This means that wherever possible we reintroduce factory waste to our manufacturing processes or look to eliminate waste at source.

Packaging – 

Through the introduction of reusable UN Certified intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) to our despatch processes, we reduce our fuel consumption as well as lessen the quantity of packaging waste and non-reusable metal containers being sent to landfill following delivery of our products to site.

Solvent Use –

For over a decade now our flooring technologies have been predominantly water-based and solvent-free, significantly reducing the emission of any harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to atmosphere during installation.

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