Hygiene Boy and the Masters of Grime

The Masters of Grime, known individually as Les Teria, Sal Monella and Eric Coli, are on the loose! But never fear – Hygiene Boy is here to help food and beverage producers identify and eliminate these microscopic miscreants.

Every week in the run up to foodpro 2014 we’ll be detailing each member of the malicious Masters of Grime, as well as everything you need to know about their arch enemy Hygiene Boy, whose Polygiene® shield can protect floors from the pathogenic plans of the ghastly gang.



Click here to find out more about Les Teria and his Master Plan.


Click here to find out more about Eric Coli and his Contamination Cohorts


Click here for more information on Sal Monella's grisly Grimewave


Hygiene Boy is here to save the day! Click here to find out how he combats the causes of contamination.

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