Low Temperature Installation

  • Low Temperature Installation
  • Low Temperature Installation
  • Low Temperature Installation

The practicalities of many types of buildings or of some construction projects will mean that the floor is going to have to be installed at temperatures either approaching or below freezing point. This is often the case in large warehouses, cold storage rooms or locations exposed to the elements like car parks, where it is either not desirable of even possible to raise the temperature of the site.

This scenario would make many resin flooring systems unsuitable for the task at hand, as usually they need to be installed at no less than 5°C to properly cure. However where the temperature is low but the need for a seamless, colourful and durable resin finish is high, then specialist methyl methacrylate (MMA) solutions tailored to the location’s temperature can be utilised to create the desired finish. A catalyst is incorporated within these floors that allows them to achieve a full cure despite the inclement conditions.

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Recommended Systems

Here are just some of the systems that Flowcrete Australia recommends when low temperature installation is a key flooring requirement.

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