Flowfresh Antimicrobial Polyurethane

  • Flowfresh Antimicrobial Polyurethane
  • Flowfresh Antimicrobial Polyurethane
  • Flowfresh Antimicrobial Polyurethane
  • Flowfresh Antimicrobial Polyurethane
  • Flowfresh Antimicrobial Polyurethane
  • Flowfresh Antimicrobial Polyurethane
  • Flowfresh Antimicrobial Polyurethane

In an exclusive global partnership with Polygiene®, Flowfresh represents a new generation of antimicrobial resin flooring. Using a natural silver ion based technology; Flowfresh reduces the bacterial population on the surface of the floor by up to 99.9%...

Our HACCP Internationally certified polyurethane concrete flooring system, Flowfresh, is ideal for use in the food and drinks manufacturing industries, as well as pharmaceutical and healthcare environments looking to achieve the maximum in cleanability and hygiene.

Flowfresh offers excellent slip, wear, temperature and chemical resistance, and is suitable for steam and hot water cleaning processes. In addition, Flowfresh offers total protection against a number of bacteria, making it the number one in hygienic flooring.

Flowcrete Australia offers the following HACCP internationally certified formulations within the Flowfresh range:

Flowfresh SL (3mm)

Flowfresh SL is a pigmented, self smoothing, antimicrobial, smooth finish polyurethane resin floor finish.  Ideal for dry or semi-wet processing zones such as food or pharmaceutical packaging.

Flowfresh SR (4-6mm)

Flowfresh SR 4-6mm is a heavy duty, chemical resistant, antimicrobial, polyurethane resin floor system with a positively textured finish to provide slip resistance. This system is designed for wet processing zones such as food manufacturing, preparation areas, commercial kitchens and chemical processing plants.

Flowfresh SR (9mm)

Flowfresh SR 9mm is a tough, antimicrobial, chemical resistant polyurethane flooring system with a slip resistant finish. Flowfresh SR 9mm is ideal for wet processing zones including food preparation, food and beverage manufacturing plants and areas which are subject to extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Flowfresh HF (6-9mm)

Flowfresh HF is heavy duty, chemical resistant, antimicrobial polyurethane resin floor screed, providing a durable textured coloured floor finish. Ideal for wet processing zones such as food manufacturing, food preparation areas and chemical processing plants.

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Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete Australia's range of Flowfresh antimicrobial flooring…

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