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  • Mondéco Terrazzo
  • Mondéco Terrazzo
  • Mondéco Terrazzo
  • Mondéco Terrazzo

Flowcrete Australia offers a luxury alternative to granite and marble tiles with our seamless Mondéco resin-based terrazzo flooring systems. Mondéco deliver stylish surfaces suited for use in upmarket commercial environments.

A creative blend of locally sourced marble aggregates are incorporated into the resin matrix, creating a modern and contemporary platform underfoot. The luxurious Mondéco range offers superior design flexibility, allowing architects, designers and end users to create bespoke designs and patterns across the floor.

Flowcrete’s Mondéco terrazzo systems deliver a joint-free, easily cleaned finish - with no cracks or crevices to harbour dirt or dust. Offering a long lifespan, the durable Mondéco terrazzo systems also provide extreme wear, scratch and abrasion resistance so as to withstand heavy volumes of foot traffic.

Flowcrete offers two systems within the Mondéco range;

Mondéco EP

A seamless, highly decorative, low odour, durable epoxy resin-based terrazzo floor finish which provides the ability to create flexible designs underfoot.

Mondéco Rapide

A innovative, rapid-curing, PUMMA resin-based terrazzo flooring system which provides a seamless, stylish and decorative finish.

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Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete Australia's range of Mondéco Terrazzo flooring…

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