Deckshield Car Park Coatings

  • Deckshield Car Park Coatings
  • Deckshield Car Park Coatings
  • Deckshield Car Park Coatings
  • Deckshield Car Park Coatings

Because first impressions count, and because the car park is the first point of contact for visitors to virtually any site, make sure you create great impressions with our colourful car park coating range, Deckshield.

Deckshield car park protection systems have been designed to meet contemporary requirements for upmarket car park environments, helping to enhance visual appearance, improve light reflectivity, reduce noise from tyre squeal and prevent water ingress into the concrete structure.

In addition, Deckshield has been locally tested to meet a variety of Australian VOC, Fire and Waterproofing standards.  The Deckshield range complies with the Green Building Council of Australia Green Star Design & As Built V1.2-13.1.1B, Green Star Interiors V1.2-12.1.1B

Flowcrete Australia offers the following formulations within the Deckshield range:

Deckshield ID

Deckshield ID is a low VOC, flexible polyurethane deck coating system that transforms intermediate decks of multi-storey parking structures including turning areas and high traffic zones.

Deckshield ID Rapide

Deckshield ID Rapide is a flexible MMA car park deck coating system
which provides a colourful and durable platform for vehicular traffic.  The system is developed to enable very fast track applications,
dramatically reducing program time.

Deckshield ED Rapide

Deckshield ED Rapide is a flexible PUMMA car park deck coating
which provides a colourful, waterproof and durable surface for exposed decks.  Complies with AS 4654.1:2012 Waterproofing Membrane standard.

Deckcoat EP

Deckcoat EP is a car park deck coating system designed to provide a colourful, watertight surface for car park bays and straight driveway areas.

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Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete Australia's range of Car Park Coatings…

System Data

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