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  • Industrial Resin Flooring
  • Industrial Resin Flooring
  • Industrial Resin Flooring
  • Industrial Resin Flooring

Flowcrete Australia offers a range of industrial flooring solutions designed for a wide range of demanding service conditions from aerospace and automotive to warehouses and assembly lines.

From epoxy-based floor coatings right through to tough and durable polyurethane resin systems, we offer materials that have been designed to accommodate areas of light tolerance through to heavy-duty manufacturing.

These specialist resin flooring systems are commonly used in manufacturing, production and factory environments where functionality and performance are key.

Non-slip aggregates can be incorporated into most of these systems to provide safe traction underfoot in accordance with AS 4586-2013 and SA HB 198 2014.

The below industrial resin flooring systems are available:

Flowcoat OP (0.3-1.5mm)

Flowcoat OP is a roller applied high performance, solvent-free, coloured epoxy resin coating.

Flowcoat CR (0.3-1.5mm)

Flowcoat CR is a roller applied high performance, solvent-free, hard-wearing epoxy resin coating which provides enhanced chemical resistance.

Flowcoat SK (0.3-1.5mm)

Flowcoat SK is a roller applied solvent-free, high-build epoxy resin-based coating with excellent resistance to aviation fluids including Skydrol®.

Flowcoat UV (0.3-1.5mm)

Flowcoat UV is a roller applied durable, UV stable, coloured epoxy and polyurethane resin coating system designed to protect industrial floors.

Flowshield OP (2.5-4mm)

Flowshield OP is a trowel applied high performance, high-build, coloured epoxy resin flooring system.

Flowshield CR (2.5-4mm)

Flowshield CR is a trowel-applied, highly chemical resistant, coloured epoxy resin flooring solution.

Flowshield SK (2.5-4mm)

Flowshield SK is a trowel-applied, high-performance flooring system with excellent resistance to aviation fluids including Skydrol®.

Flowshield SL (2-3mm)

Flowshield SL is a durable, high-gloss epoxy resin floor finish compliant with CSM® (Cleanroom Suitable Materials) requirements.

Flowfresh MF Industrial (4mm)

Flowfresh MF is a chemical resistant polyurethane resin floor system with smooth matte coloured finish.

Flowfresh SR Industrial (4-6mm)

Flowcrete SR is a heavy-duty, chemical-resistant polyurethane resin floor system with a positively textured finish.

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Available Systems

The following systems are available in Flowcrete Australia's range of Industrial resin flooring…

System Data

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Title Type Download
Epoxy Pigment Product Data Sheets
Flowcoat CR System Data Sheets
Flowcoat CR Product Data Sheets
Flowcoat OP System Data Sheets
Flowcoat OP Product Data Sheets
Flowcoat SK System Data Sheets
Flowcoat SK Product Data Sheets
Flowcoat UV System Data Sheets
Flowfresh MF (Industrial) System Data Sheets
Flowfresh SR Industrial System Data Sheets
Flowprime Aquaseal Product Data Sheets
Flowprime NEW Product Data Sheets
Flowseal UV System Data Sheets
Flowshield CR System Data Sheets
Flowshield ESD SL System Data Sheets
Flowshield OP System Data Sheets
Flowshield SK System Data Sheets
Flowshield SL System Data Sheets
Flowshield UV System Data Sheets
Flowtex F1 Coving Mortar Product Data Sheets
Flowtex F1 Repair Mortar Product Data Sheets
Satin Seal (WB) Product Data Sheets
Universal Accelerator Product Data Sheets
Universal Hardener B Product Data Sheets
Universal Hardener B (W) Product Data Sheets
Universal Resin Base A 708 Product Data Sheets
Flowcoat CR Architectural Specifications
Flowcoat OP Architectural Specifications
Flowcoat SK Architectural Specifications
Flowcoat CR VOC Testing
Flowcoat OP VOC Testing
Flowcoat SK VOC Testing
Flowprime NEW VOC Testing
Flowseal HTS VOC Testing
Flowtex Sealer VOC Testing
Satin Seal WB VOC Testing
Universal Resin VOC Testing
Flowcoat CR Fire Testing
Flowcoat OP Fire Testing
Flowcoat SK Fire Testing
Flowcoat UV Fire Testing
Flowfresh SR Fire Testing
Flowshield SL Fire Testing

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